Our adventure into tea has an unparalleled origin that started many years ago when Brad set out to grow and produce barely greens on his farm to supplement his diet that focused on mitigating Crohn's disease. His journey resulted in a vertically integrated company that became one of the largest producers of barley greens in North America.


Brad's passion for greens and farming never subsided. He and his partner Sheila continue to operate a mixed organic farm to this very day. After a storied career in the health and beauty industry, Sheila never thought she would replace her high heels with a pair of gumboots, and after noticing Brad's daily intake of greens, they both set out to work on exploring different ways to drink greens. In 2019, handcrafted, Canadian-grown Tea'd Greens was born.
As avid tea drinkers, we understand the health benefits green tea offers. But our tea journey was not to grow traditional green tea but rather to introduce a distinctive Canadian twist in green tea with tasteful blends from our Canadian crops. We could transform our leaves into a unique and smooth-tasting handcrafted tea by combining traditional tea processing methods with the young green leaves of barley, wheat and oats.
Our farm is located in British Columbia and situated on rich fertile farmland with rolling hills and a pristine view of the stunning Monashee Mountain Range. At an elevation of over 1200 meters, the warm days and cool nights provide the perfect terroir to create a natural sweetness in the naturally caffeine-free green leaves.

While Brad focuses on the growing and processing techniques, Sheila develops a deep knowledge of herbs and their synergistic blends. You will find her blending and tasting different herbs to compliment the greens health benefits and smooth taste on any given day. Of course, there is a different taste to our Tea'd Greens, but we think you will find the taste deliciously smooth and refreshing, leaving your palate clean and looking for another sip.

As a vertically integrated operation, our Tea'd Greens processing facility is located directly on the farm surrounded by our fields, thus allowing us to harvest the leaves at precisely their nutritional peak with no delay. Often this means an early morning harvest when the air has that renewed freshness, and there is still a slight dew on the leaves. This is our favorite time of day as the facility becomes filled with the fantastic aroma of the freshly harvested leaves as they begin their transition into tea. We farm with the guiding philosophy of working in sync with nature using regenerative practices that build soil fertility without chemicals. As a result, we create a synergistic symphony that transfers a fantastic array of nutrients and antioxidants into our green leaves and rivals’ traditional tea. You can rest assured that food safety is also one of our priorities as we have put in place detailed testing protocols of our greens and herbs to ensure our tea is safe. Further, we do not use chemical fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide anywhere on our farm. All this is to offer you peace of mind knowing exactly where your tea comes from and how it was grown and processed, ensuring the freshness and integrity of the product. We could call this tranparen-tea!

Natural Farmworks invites you, tea lovers, and health-conscious individuals from around the world to discover for yourself the unique and delicious clean taste of Tea'd Greens. You will also feel good about knowing you will be benefiting from the abundance of the healthful nutrients found in the green leaves of plants.