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Scarlet Sunrise Super Greens - 30ct Pyramid Bags
Scarlet Sunrise Super Greens - 30ct Pyramid Bags
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Scarlet Sunrise Super Greens - 30ct Pyramid Bags

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Natural Farmworks proudly presents Scarlet Sunrise Super Greens Tea. Crafted with care, this exceptional functional beverage combines partially oxidized young green leaves of barley, wheat, and oats with the exquisite essence of hibiscus and delicate rose buds, resulting in a gently flavored oolong-inspired tea that boasts a captivating rose hue.

Ideal for those who relish natural flavors and seek a wholesome tea experience, our Scarlet Sunrise Super Greens Tea is more than just a delightful sip. By blending our oolong-inspired leaves with hibiscus and rose buds, we've crafted a tea that's both delicious and nourishing.

Our innovative process incorporates a moderate level of oxidation, capturing the essence of both green and black leaves, resulting in a tea with a myriad of benefits, including immune enhancement, oxidative damage repair, natural anti-inflammatory properties, detoxification, and improved gut health.

Embrace the beauty of Scarlet Sunrise and relish in the holistic well-being it brings to your teacup. Enjoy a healthy cup of tea that's as delightful as it is beneficial.

Tasting Notes

The process of oxidation gives the tea its distinct flavour profile, which has tasting notes of dried fruits, honey and roses. The addition of rosebuds and hibiscus creates a refreshing and floral aroma, making this tea a perfect choice for those who enjoy a light and fragrant cup of tea.

Cost Per Pyramid Bag/Cup


This price is based on the fact that our pyramid bag allows for more than one steep in an 8 ounce cup as our pyramid bags allow for greater infusion and contain 3 grams vs the typical 1 -2.5 grams. The teas also contain 100% natural ingredients, including whole herbs and spices, that allow for further infusion on subsequent steeps. Our teas do not contain any flavourings since they are often dissipated after one steep.

Brewing | Serving Instructions

3g | Temp: 80C to 85C | Steep time: 3-5 min


A synergistic blend of organic barley, wheat and oat leaf, organic whole rose buds, organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, organic cinnamon