Owning a Farm is both a blessing and a responsibility.

Our belief is that we must allow nature to flourish in concert with our farming practices. We work to compliment this partnership through the principles of regenerative farming.
Our 400 acre farm is located in the historically rich Boundary region of British Columbia approximately 30 minutes east of the bustling town of Osoyoos, which is well known for its world class wineries and fruit orchards. Surrounded by rich agricultural land, rolling hills and spectacular mountain views the farm is comprised of a blend of natural forest and open fields with black top soil that is remarkably deep.

Our Focus

It is on this farm that we grow our super greens that we use in all of our products (Tea’d Greens). Our focus is to maximize the nutrient density (fertility) of the soil and then let the soil feed the plants. We grow barley, wheat and oats in a method referred to as strip farming. Strip farming is a practice that sees us plant a strip of our super greens next to a strip of the natural forage followed by a strip of supergreens and so on. There are many advantages to this system of planting. Namely, the reduction of erosion from excess rain or wind, water retention as the deep roots of the adjoining forage help maintain soil moisture, boosts soil fertility, attracts pollinators as the adjoining forage strip blooms, and controls pests as they tend to be attracted to the strip of forage. The result is a field of plant diversity in contrast to the vast fields of a monocrop you may be familiar with in conventional farming. Yes it does take more work, but the payoffs are worth it.