Our Farm

Owning a farm is both a blessing and a responsibility.  Our belief is that we must  allow nature to flourish in concert with our farming practices. We work to compliment this partnership through the principles of regenerative farming.

In this idyllic setting, Brad focuses on cultivating and processing, while Sheila delves into crafting harmonious blends of herbs. Sheila meticulously creates and samples herbal combinations designed to complement the health benefits and smooth flavor of our greens. Tea'd Greens offers a uniquely smooth and refreshing taste that leaves your palate cleansed and craving another sip.

Our Farm-Centric Approach to Tea'd Greens Production

Our vertically integrated Tea'd Greens processing facility is strategically located right on our farm, nestled within the embrace of our fields. This proximity allows us to harvest the leaves at the precise peak of their nutritional value without delay. Often, this means embarking on early morning harvests, where the air is imbued with freshness and a gentle dew kisses the leaves. This magical time of day fills our facility with the captivating aroma of freshly harvested leaves as they begin their transformation into tea.