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50g Meadow Mint Super Greens - Loose Leaf
50g Meadow Mint Super Greens - Loose Leaf
50g Meadow Mint Super Greens - Loose Leaf
50g Meadow Mint Super Greens - Loose Leaf

50g Meadow Mint Super Greens - Loose Leaf

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Experience the fresh, soothing flavors of Tea'd Greens Meadow Mint Super Greens. This unique blend of mint and partially oxidized young leaves of barley, wheat and oats is perfect for any time of day. Made with the finest ingredients, it is sure to please. Enjoy the refreshing taste of mint combined with the smooth, mellow flavor of our oolong inspired leaves. Perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy a cup of Super Greens Tea without the caffeine jitters.

Tasting Notes

When tasting this tea, you will first notice the mellow flavours of the mint, followed by the slightly sweet taste of the oats and barley. The aftertaste is a refreshing blend of all the flavours that lingers on your palate. This tea is perfect for those who are seeking a soothing and flavourful cup of tea.

Cost Per 3 Grams

$0.42 per 3 grams of loose leaf

This price is based on the fact that our teas contain 100% natural ingredients, including whole herbs and spices, that allow for further infusion on subsequent steeps and we do not use any flavourings since flavourings often dissipated after one steep.

Brewing | Serving Instructions

3g | Temp: 80C to 85C | Steep time: 3-5 min


Organic barley, wheat and oat leaf, organic peppermint, organic lemon mint, organic spearmint