Brad, the driving force behind our mission, faced incredibly challenging times when his digestive health took a serious toll. At his lowest points, greens were his lifeline – there were moments when he could hardly consume anything else. They became the sole source of essential nutrients that his body could tolerate, and it's no exaggeration to say that greens saved his life multiple times during those difficult periods.

This deeply personal experience served as the catalyst for the establishment of Natural Farmworks and the development of products that capture the nourishing potential of greens. Having witnessed first hand and how crucial greens can be for digestive well-being, our mission is to share this life-changing experience with individuals like you.

The Birth of Tea'd Greens

Our story unfolds with Brad's enduring passion for greens and farming, which has remained unwavering over the years. Alongside his partner Sheila, they still manage a thriving mixed organic farm to this day. Sheila, having had a successful career in the health and beauty industry, never envisioned herself trading her high heels for gumboots. However, as she observed Brad's daily consumption of greens, they embarked on a shared journey to explore innovative ways to incorporate these nutritious greens into beverages. The culmination of their efforts resulted in the birth of Tea'd Greens in 2019—a handcrafted, Canadian-grown venture that has been embraced by all who value health and flavor.

As passionate tea aficionados, we wholeheartedly embrace the incredible health benefits that greens offer to tea enthusiasts. Our journey into the world of tea, however, wasn't about the traditional green tea. Instead, it was a quest to infuse a distinct Canadian essence into this cherished beverage. This expedition led us to create unique functional beverages, using the abundance of our Canadian crops. By merging age-old tea crafting methods with the vibrant young leaves of barley, wheat, and oats, we've turned our harvest into an unparalleled, velvety-smooth handcrafted tea experience.

Our Farm-Centric Approach to Tea'd Greens Production

Our vertically integrated Tea'd Greens processing facility is strategically located right on our farm, nestled within the embrace of our fields. This proximity allows us to harvest the leaves at the precise peak of their nutritional value without delay. Often, this means embarking on early morning harvests, where the air is imbued with freshness and a gentle dew kisses the leaves. This magical time of day fills our facility with the captivating aroma of freshly harvested leaves as they begin their transformation into tea.


Our farming philosophy revolves around a harmonious coexistence with nature, guided by regenerative practices that nurture soil fertility without resorting to chemicals. This holistic approach orchestrates a symphony of synergy, transferring an astonishing array of nutrients and antioxidants into our green leaves, rivaling even the most traditional teas. Rest assured, food safety is paramount to us, with comprehensive testing protocols in place for our greens and herbs, ensuring the safety of our tea. Furthermore, we adamantly refrain from using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides anywhere on our farm. All these efforts are aimed at providing you with peace of mind, knowing precisely where your tea originates, how it was cultivated and processed, and thereby ensuring the freshness and integrity of our product. We like to call this transparen-tea!