Going beyond a simple cup of tea, delivering a multitude of health benefits as a functional infusion, backed by nutritional analysis.

Welcome to Your Complete Tea'd Greens Daily Routine, where each cup is a delightful journey through a world of flavors and well-being. Discover a diverse selection of our finest blends, thoughtfully curated to enhance your daily routine. From invigorating mornings to tranquil evenings, we have a super greens tea for every moment in your day. Embrace the wholesome benefits and unique qualities of each blend as you sip your way to well-being.

  • Morning Awakening:

    Begin your day with the refreshing "Clean Green Super Greens" blend for a natural energy boost packed with antioxidants to kickstart your morning.

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  • Mid-Morning Revitalization:

    As mid-morning arrives, rejuvenate and boost your immunity levels with a cup of "Energizing Scarlet Sunrise ."

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  • Lunchtime Revival:

    Gut Health: During lunch, achieve a moment of serenity with our soothing "Meadow Mint" blend. Its moderate oxidation aids digestion and supports gut health.

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  • Afternoon Earl Grey:

    After lunch, indulge in the classic elegance of "Golden Terroir" – an bergamot oil infused mood-enhancing GABA-rich black tea inspired greens.

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  • Digestive Comfort:

    Indulge in the rich and soothing flavours of our 'Spice Chai' as your perfect after-dinner companion, meticulously crafted with a blend of 8 certified organic spices to enhance your digestion and create a delightful evening experience.

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  • Nighttime Rejuvenation:

    End your day with the calming influence of "Serene Green."This blend combines young green leaves with calming herbs like chamomile and lavender, offering relaxation and tranquility.

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Our farming philosophy revolves around a harmonious coexistence with nature, guided by regenerative practices that nurture soil fertility without resorting to chemicals. This holistic approach orchestrates a symphony of synergy, transferring an astonishing array of nutrients and antioxidants into our green leaves, rivaling even the most traditional teas. Rest assured, food safety is paramount to us, with comprehensive testing protocols in place for our greens and herbs, ensuring the safety of our tea. Furthermore, we adamantly refrain from using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides anywhere on our farm. All these efforts are aimed at providing you with peace of mind, knowing precisely where your tea originates, how it was cultivated and processed, and thereby ensuring the freshness and integrity of our product. We like to call this transparen-tea!