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18 Loose Leaf Sachets ~ 54g Complete Wellness Starter Pack

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Dive into the essence of wellness with our collection of six Super Greens tea blends, each brimming with the goodness of nutrient-rich greens! Our sampler pack introduces you to the world of loose leaf sachets, featuring a total of 18 sachets across all six unique blends:

  • Influenced by Green Tea: Clean Green, Serene Green
  • Motivated by Oolong Tea: Meadow Mint, Scarlet Sunrise
  • Guided by Black Tea: Rocky Mountain Earl Grey, Spiced Chai

Restore Harmony: Each sip brings a sense of balance and vitality, enriched with chlorophyll and a complete protein profile to nourish your mind and body.

Recharge Energy: Elevate your day with a tea infused with GABA, designed to diminish stress and anxiety while invigorating and rejuvenating your spirit.

Relieve Comfort: Embrace the soothing power of anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for easing pain and discomfort and the perfect companion for moments of bodily stress relief.

Embrace each moment of your day with a blend designed to enhance your wellness journey, from the revitalizing mornings to the peaceful evenings, with our premium loose leaf sachets.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Shore
Complete Wellness Variety (both packs)

Love the teas, have tried them all. Actually crave my afternoon cup of tea now and definitely feel the healing benefits in my body - more relaxed, more grounded and more at peace. (The earl grey is good, but didn't really smell or taste the bergamot. Although beautiful, the packaging is a little too much but don't worry, I will reuse those lovely containers! ) I really respect your values and products and am so glad you are in the Boundary area. Thank you and see you at the Farmer's Market!