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18 Pyramid Tea Bags ~ 54g Complete Wellness Starter Pack

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Explore a full spectrum of super greens in our Starter Pack, where each of our six tea blends brings you the wholesome goodness of nutrient-rich greens. You’ll get 18 plant-based pyramid tea bags, 3 of each blend, each in a foil pouch to guarantee peak freshness.

Green Tea Inspired Greens:

  • Clean Green: Straight-up, classic green tea freshness.
  • Serene Green: Calm in a cup for those quieter moments.

Oolong Tea Inspired Greens:

  • Meadow Mint: Refreshing mint with a smooth oolong twist.
  • Scarlet Sunrise: Bold, citrus-kissed start to your day.

Black Tea Inspired Greens:

  • Rock Mountain Earl Grey: A robust Earl Grey with a mountain-grown twist.
  • Spiced Chai: Just the right amount of spice to warm you up.

Benefits in Every Sip:

  • Restore: Balance your well-being with each sip.
  • Recharge: Boost your energy naturally and dial down the stress.
  • Relieve: Ease your aches with a comforting brew.

Get a taste of all our blends, crafted with care from our farm to your cup.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    John & Anne Morgan

    I have found the outside of the tea pouch difficult to read. The tea name blends in too much, bolder print may help.

    Hi John! Thanks so much for your review. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    We hear you loud and clear about the packaging issue. It's definitely not up to our usual standards, and we're sorry for any confusion it caused. The good news is, we've already started working on a redesign to make sure everything's as clear as it should be. Your feedback is super important in helping us get this right.

    Thanks again for reaching out. We're excited to show you the improvements we're making!

    Best wishes,
    Brad & Sheila

    Deborah Buxton
    Greens don't get better than this!

    I love your products - this is a gift for my son, as he liked the Tea as greens as well, when we got them from the Grand Forks Farmer's market. I got a large container of the Clean Green - which is my favourite. :)

    We're thrilled that our Clean Green has become your favorite and that you're sharing the love for our teas with your son. It's always special to know our teas are part of family moments. Thanks for your support and for choosing our teas as a gift. Happy tea drinking to you and your son! Brad & Sheila

    Justin Beats
    Satisfying and delicious

    I received a complete wellness starter pack of canister tea bags. I really enjoyed the serene green, with complex notes and a soothing finish. The meadow mint was also a smooth ride with refreshing notes. I particularly enjoyed the mint just before bed time, very relaxing.

    Very green

    First time trying the Clean Green tea and it Not like green tea, more like green grass flavor - so getting used to that, its a bit odd at first. Very different type of tea. I like that its caffeine free, so I can enjoy it anytime. Looking forward to trying other flavors and mixing and matching with other decaf teas.

    Melanie Scott
    Wonderful Tea

    I bought a variety of teas to try and love them all. I think my favourite is the clean green. I highly recommend trying them. It's also great to get more greens.